The "Mellow" EP

by Gene & Alex

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released September 15, 2012

Lamont Styles
Brandon Pequignot
Gene & Alex



all rights reserved


The Rugged Henchman Warsaw, Indiana

Been through hell and back. That's myself of course. But in the reality of it all, we all feel like it. Most turn to music to ease the mind. So let this music release the inner pain with-in you.

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Track Name: Another Day
(verse 1 - Alex)
Live like a drifter
No Ken Block, but I will out whip ya
Go till it stop, and I will out live ya
Cold but I'm hot, so I'm still here wit ya
Get the big picture?

I see the world dyin, I got grim reap glasses
overslept school, so I still "C" classes
I define average, as default tragics
how can you be you? if you me? thats backwards

read mathmatics and then beast athletics
theory of a thought, now to me thats restless
breathe or be breathless
feed or be breastless
in between the leader and the lead is progressness

throw and you fetch this, mean like a wretch its,
used as a wrachet, I will fix yo vex its,
nothin to a no one, bow down to no one,
someone without a thought? impossible to know one

nothin but another day, chronic so I'm here to stay
bionic so I live this way, cant comprehend or say
what I be thinkin on a regular day basis
blind to the fake so i cant remember faces....I'm out.

(verse 2 - gene)
reality is what you percieve at the end of the day
but perspectives can be deceptive and lead you astray
think you understand my concepts?
I con seperate different classes with intellegance
...thats common sense.

with Common's sense
I could "Gain One's Definition"
of a "G.O.D." from "Invocation"
"Between me, you and liberation"
creating unification
but still i'm patiently waitin
they judge without hesitation
like how can they make a statement
no 'clue' with an accusation

well i guess these faces im facin
are truely my speculation
if God is my only witness
it must be the indication
cause feeling vacant awakens
mistaken placement like Clayton
a path forsaken to straighten
from accuaintances made with Satan

but i'm content in my sweat's and my kicks
im not a bum, just a bum that dont fit
and laughin cause the handles the mic, tonight, despite i'm moppin floors
helped pay for the 2 door convertible that you adore
Track Name: A Life With Paranoia
(verse 1 - gene)
(Only for u) To Capture, cigaretteism & rhythm,
I'm flippin, images to create proficient 5 by 7's, of figments
binoculars, vigilant from a distant, hidden assailant
Paranoia killin coherent, people, lookin and starin
While dem glasses you wearin, foggin up, makin fear apparent
Arogent, little shhh, I'm outside your window in peerin
Reminicin, about the time you took a bite out my sandwich
How bout I cut out these lights and allow silence to do its damage
Heh all frantically panic, viewin panoramic
these mental games, I'm playin, thinkin my ways are satanic
Devilish eyes, lies, within beneath the question of antics
The riddles authentic, worded like Kendrick, feel the dynamic?
Cloak and dagger music, with the acoustics,
create a conclusion, to this lucid dream that I've been in control of stupid
Look at the moonlit, horrid and artic outside
happenin every night, sleep tight, its bedtime...look

(verse 2 - alex)
i'm at the peak, of my creep at the night time
while you asleep, im in a jeep, plannin my crime
so next time, at night you wonder whose outside
im in ya tree wit a scope man and two black eyes
i've been battlin and rattlin, these cages while you tattlin
i'm practicin the violin to mediate this violence
and penatrate the masses, attend them as a casualty
nothin but a violent silence, im dippin when i hear sirens
its nothin i dont obligue it, i brush it off like a sholder
i'm posted up in yo holster, im close enough no elopin
im hopin the door is closin, so i can creep slow up on ya
im chosin to be a monster, you know it that you a goner
when i walk away, im pullin out a lighter to ignite the night
and burn up all the evidence, so they cant say i did it right?

(verse 3 - gene)
Hehe, right And now theres investigation,
from what your minds been portrayin
These demons interrogatin
Now irritation, created from the faucet drippin
The metronome of imprisonment
Causing you to snap like a ligament
Hairless from all predicaments, Seeming imminent
Adrenaline kickin in, cringe as im under ur skin
Conviction within, you create a vixon, from hidden restriction
A nonexistent, sickness progresses, from consistent fiction

(verse 4 - alex)
I'm packin madness, hear laughter after disaster
i'm after masterin chapters, i'm hangin from dusty rafters
these clumsy cats I run after
I'm aftermath in a backpack
and pack up and dippin after, a sydicate in the shallows
im swingin in ever battle
im Avril lavigne, up in her teens
weaken demons, then defeate em
heathens speakin, smile and greet em
never leave em, down and defeated
cause its the time of the season
for creepin...ya know what i'm meanin?
Track Name: Metropolis / It's Time
Metropolis by Alex

Man without a face, is why i'm gone without a trace
deep alluded thoughts, thats the thing you can't erase
twisted logic, hearts cold, but i don't play racket ball flow
my punch lines headed yo way
truth seekers, rythm im riddlin
dont even try, and riddle em
i rid em of wisdom until i finish em
then i hit em with proper spittin
make em feel young again, but i aint kiddin
got god in my system
i'm feelin like makin wishes, magic but all you witches
can get back to doin dishes, im vicious and aggrivated
im happy that all you hated, gave me steam for my boat load
dreamin while i sleep so the alarm is a no-go
...dont wake me up....dont wake me up
alarm is a no-go
...dont wake me up....dont wake me up

It's Time by Gene

The devils, thought level, resembles, Unethical, wickedness
Synthetical measures, allowin skepticals, pressure critics
To get a gimmick
Analytically proven, wrong, so agnostics
Can Doubt more
And thats a mouth full
From extortin, your opinions, Im on hells coarse
With the more, i learn, The less i know for sure
From you Throwin out verbs, and ramblin words
like the first, part of my verseKickin flows, all over the road, In and out of, i swerve
While i observe, what's worse
And converse, with a myth, im convinced, is unrealistic and logic
But Anymore, id rather lock the door
And explore, wats forgotten in a hotel drawer
Ignore the world, atmosphere of a morgue
And be still like a corpse, While im mumblin, "deal lord"
Track Name: Restrictions
(verse 1 - alex)
kickin twisted lyrics, i know you hear em
you think that you should back away but still you end up right near em
I got that draw of a westerner, the thoughts of a philosopher
the doom of a menace, gettin wicked with these obstacles
i climb over em, stompin on em, so keep em comin
my mind frame is of a crazy man, i'm up to somethin
these bed time stories aint puttin me to sleep
the gloom, in my room, and all these faces keep testin me
the recipe is reciprocal, i'm flippin the script
up on these criminals, with a centrifugal flow
i use your own force against you, so think twice about movin
i'm heavin bound on hell's highway, aint no doubt that i'm cruisin
illuminati members, and bugatti's with henchman
couldnt take away my soul because my god he won't let em
i dont fret about respect from these people thats overdue
i got bigger things to fret about, i'm sure that you do too.

Choruse (JFK)
Ladies and Gentleman
the very word secrecy is repugnant
in a free and open society
and we are as a people
inhearently, and historically
opposed to secret societies
secret oathes
and any secret proceedings
even in today
there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation
if our traditions do not survive with it

(verse 2 - gene)
someones realistic fanatasy is depression settlin in
lies are illusions playing games with the open minded
allowing brokenness to leave you at a loss for words
these rainy days, cant compensate for all of the hurt
live and ya learn but what do ya learn when all's ignored?
my mental stabilities changed, perceptions restored
i'm startin to mourn, over the loss of myself
i'm dwellin in forgotten memories that I with-held
this carousel, of heaven and hell, is what you make it
expect, that every shade of death, comes with complications
but wise words, are just anothers interpretation
of limitations, intiated from who tolerate it
the easily persuaded, damned from manipulation
every downfall originates from consideration
don't allow something beautiful to corrupt your heart
walkin down boulevard, alone in subtle dark

Chorus (JFK)
For as a wise man once said
an error doesn't become a mistake
until you refuse to correct it
we intend to accept full responsabilities for our errors
and we expect you to point them out, when we miss them
Track Name: Monsters In My Head
Alex verse 1:

i got an army up inside me
surrounded by this darkness so
im switchin on the high beams

thoughts are very awkward
talkin know one is beside me
stalkin very thoughts of redemption
i say im sorry

but im not
repeat offender i just don’t get caught
if peter piper pickin peppers
peter parker spinnin webs
where does that put me
in in the middle
of this map,
i got my ego in my bag
and im leavin thats just a fact.
cause these demons on full attack

and my soul it just won’t quit bleedin
in my mind i no im leadin
but never cleainin
im hopin this evenin is when they leavin
cause i can’t take it no mo
so if not then its me thats leaving
thats one thing that is forsure

im ready

to leave it all behind me and keep pushing on
being pursued by monsters just like in this song

its not only when im asleep but when im awake
it seems like behind every corner where the monsters wait

its seems like every moring they have a meeting about where im going who im seeing
and i just can’t get away
so im steady trying to plan my escape

so i just get down on my knees to my God is who i pray

Gene verse 2:

All I got is lonely nights upon the sofa
another pill allows me to sleep deep up in a coma
only to awake to the appearance of deceptiveness
a fools paradise, persuaded by the devils mistress

that red attire got me glancin while i turn my head
but i cant help it im still lookin back
eyes resemblin what was never said
defining the very line just where it crosses for the fence
and im still walkin on it, keepin my balance in check


im turnin away from what i never was
the thought was discussed but never clutched
but even "Me" and "I" against "Myself" obtained a grudge
i got invisible argumentation and such

I stay secluded my solution ends with me on the asphalt
thought was always an option acting on it was difficult
im a livin breathin beacon for the demons now cause
i used to kill for sleep, now im praying for insomnia